Blood Line & AV Fistula Needle

RENA – LINE Blood Tubing Lines

  • Highest Quality Pharma grade Material
  • Filter in blood chamber
  • Transducer Protectors

Renacon AV Fistula Needles

  • CANNULA: Perfect geomtetry and ultra sharpness to ensure minimum trauma. Ultra thin wall ensures painless insertion and superior blood flow
  • SILCIONIZATION TECHNIQUE: Best Silicon Coating on the cannula surface which provides optimum AVF piclubrication in puncturing and withdrawing. Prevents blood adherence. Dry Siliconziation ensures that no silicon enters circulation
  • Adhesive material is tapered to help eleminate puncture site bleeding
  • Our hub is geometrically designed to ensure laminar flow
  • Wings are textured to ensure patient grip during needle manipulation
  • Soft flexible anti-knik tube to ensure patient comfort & shock absorbance
  • Ingrated light weight clamp, effectively operated with one hand
  • Tapered & textured rough female leur-lock design for easier opening and easy connection with bloodlines