Catheter for Haemodialysis

Double Lumben Catheter for Haemodialysis

Double Lumen acute hemodialysis catheres for femoral vien, Subcalavain vein and juglar vein insertion


  • Pacakging: Easy to open trays
  • Introducer needle: Ultra-sharp bevel with ultrathin wall cannula
  • Guide wire: Smooth and resists kinking. Textured thumb advancer
  • Tissue Dialtors: Suuitable tapering of its end to ensure minimum trauma and easy access.
  • Scalpel: Easy to control “size 11” scalpel
  • Catheter body: Soft tip perfectly tapered to ensure smooth insertion. PU material conforms to vessel anatomy. Thin wall PU maintains kinik resistance. Luminal design which improves the flow. Strategically located arterial return ports to ensure minimum recircultaion. Radio opacity of the material used.
  • Extension tubes: Soft flexible tubes to ensure soft patient comfort & shock absorbance
  • Integrated light weight clamp to ensure soft and rapid clamping in Emergency cases
  • Tapered female leur for easy secure connection of all bloodlines