RO Plant

Renacon Pharma in association with its sister concern NEPHRO-AID is producing the highest quality of Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment plants with the brand name "AQUA-PURE" ranging from portable small plants to those one used for any number of Hemodialysis Machines as well as for industrial use. The average size plant produced is for 12 Hemodialysis machines.

The plants are custom-designed after checking the quality of source water at the place of installation, hence keeping in view size and type of RO membranes, pumps, filtration vessels, etc. All the relevant parts are made of Stainless Steel. RO plants range from semi-automated to fully-automated. The quality of water produced is excellent as per established international standards like AAMI, BP, EP,etc.

The Quality-to-Cost ratio, any company can barely match in the world. RO plant can be installed at the designated site by the company technicians while at the same time local technicians are trained.