Export Info

Drug or Device

Hemodialysis Concentrate is considered as a Medical Device in many of the countries including Europe or USA. Hence very stringent laws regarding registration, production, import, sale, etc, pertaining to drugs do not apply in these countries.

In some countries Hemodialysis Concentrate is considered as a Drug and hence laws governing its sale, purchase and use are strict and registration is required. The Ministry of Health of a particular country can provide the information about the exact status.

The import regulations of Hemodialysis Concentrate in a particular country are governed by its status in that country as a DRUG or DEVICE.


Registration of Hemodialysis Concentrate for import in a country is compulsory with Ministry of Health/Drug Authority if it is considered as Drug in that country.

If Hemodialysis Concentrate is considered as a Medical Device then different countries have their own regulations. In some countries Registration is compulsory with Drug Control Authority while in other it is not required for import. In some countries only permission from Drug Control Authority is required.

Whatever is the case Renacon Pharma will provide all necessary documentation and dossier required for registration/permission to import within one week or may be earlier.

Agency Agreement

Renacon Pharma believes in the highest moral values and business ethics. When a contract is made with a company in a particular country after detailed negotiations, we follow it reliegioulsy in its true spirit regarding quality of product, packing, timing, any specific needs of importer, etc.

After total agreement of Terms and Conditions an exclusive agency agreement can be made with a well-reputed company to be followed in the true sense by both the parties.

Renacon Pharma has a tendency to provide maximum support to the importer/distributor regarding different aspects including training, clinical & technical support, special packing and printing, etc.

Technical Support

Renacon Pharma provides all possible technical support to its importer/distributor in the form of site training regarding use of mixers, machine conductivity problems, Dialysate composition problems, etc. Moreover, support regarding any technical problem is available online or on phone seven days a week.

Custom Formulations

Renacon Pharma can produce any formulation of Hemodialysis Concentrate powder & solution form for all brands of machines e.g. 35X, 36.83X, 45X, etc.

Samples can be provided of any formulation of customer’s choice. More than one formulation can be provided in one container subject to conditions.

Clinical Support

Renacon Pharma provide clinical support to end-users through different means like:


Literature on quality of Dialysis


Use of Custom formulations for Prescription Dialysis through lectures/literature


Arranging lectures for doctors/technicians


Online communication


Conversation on phone with the clinical expert/nephrologist

Export Query

Importers feel very comfortable with Renacon Pharma.

Renapulv, the powder form, is the most economical type of Hemodialysis concentrate. Please see advantages.


Any formulation of Hemodialysis Concentrate for any brand of machine (35X, 36.83X, 45X) can be supplied.


Relaxed Terms of Payment: On Credit of 30-45 days, Letter of Credit, T.T or as mutually agreed terms


All documents/dossier for Registration are provided in the minimal possible time, mostly counted in days


Packing material and Printing of highest quality as per importers choice and language


Time of shipment is always adhered to as agreed mutually


Mixers are provided on no-profit-no-loss basis or even on below-cost subsidized rates in case of a suitable mutual agreement regarding sales forecast/rates, etc.


M.D/Director of the company, being a Kidney Physician, can visit the importing country for lecture, meeting doctors, practical demonstration of product, negotiations, etc.


Technical/Medical advice on phone or electronic media, in case of any problem, is readily available everytime.