Can Renacon Pharma provide any formulation?

Yes, Any formulation of customer’s choice.

Can Renacon Pharma provide multiple formulations to same importer?

Yes, If imported in suitable quantities on regular basis as printing and packing are differently developed for each formulation.

Are samples free of cost?

Yes, If in smaller quantity after agreement of rates and sales forecast. In case of excessive quantities freight will be paid by the importers while samples will be supplied freely.

Is Renacon Pharma approved by MOH?

Yes. Renacon Pharma is licensed as a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer by MOH, Govt., of Pakistan, and is bound to adhere to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) as per Drug Laws. Hemodialysis Concentrate is a Drug in Pakistan and need Registration accordingly. It is frequently checked by Federal Inspectors of Drugs and other officials of Ministry of Health for compliance.

Does Renacon Pharma has a Free Sale Certificate for Europe?

Yes, CE 1639 through SGS, EU, implies a Free Sale certificate for Europe which has also been endorsed by MHRA, EU.

Is Renacon Pharma registered in Europe?

Yes, Renacon Pharma Ltd. Is incorporated in UK as a private limited company.

Does Renacon Pharma undergo Quality Audit?

Yes, apart from Ministry of Health checking Renacon Pharma undergoes Quality Audits and Training of staff by SGS, EU, in relation to ISO 9001:2015 ; ISO 13485:2016  ISO 14001:2015 ISO 45001:2018 as per recommended schedule. Moreover, frequent sampling of raw material, local and export finished goods is done through Ministry and sent to Govt. Central Testing Laboratory.